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Let me know if you need help with installing a specific Linux distribution or making a bootable live media such as DVD.
  • Chances are if you are using a computer or laptop running Windows XP, you probably will not have the option to upgrade to Windows 10 simply because the computer doesn't have the required resources necessary to run Windows 10 or run it effectively.  
  • If your computer has less than 2GB (gigabytes) of ram (memory) it simply will not run Windows 10.  
  • If you're computer has at least 2 gigs (gigabytes) of ram you do have the option to upgrade to Windows 10 but it will cost you money.  
Windows 10
  • You may have the option to upgrade to Windows Vista but I wouldn't recommend it and it will cost money you could spend on Windows 10 or new computer entirely.
  • Besides costing money to upgrade to Windows Vista, I have found the operating system buggy and less than stable.  
  • Like Microsoft's other operating systems since windows XP, they have included a security and patch update manager.  In my experience the update manager within Windows Vista has proven unreliable sometimes failing to work altogether.  Perhaps Windows Vista Update manager needs it's own update patch!
Windows Vista
  • ​Installing a Linux based distribution to keep your Windows XP computer working is yet another option.  
  • There are hundreds of distributions (also called distros) of Linux.  Each distribution has a particular flavor, look and/or style variation for different types of computers or intended use.
  • Linux distributions are not for everyone but they do feature some great theming options and eye candy desktop effects (kwin, compiz) depending on the distribution you choose. 
  • Linux distributions are generally free with the option of donation, if you so choose.  I have found only a few distributions that charge a small fee (under $15) to download the full version.     (ZorinOS 10 Ultimate is one example)
Linux Based Distributions
Linux Distributions - My Star Picks
  • ​I enjoy using and trying out Linux distributions on my computers (some being former XP machines) but it has been my experience that many Linux distros can have a mind of there own and are not without stability issues.  In fact, a few distributions I tried completely failed to run in live CD mode, or even complete a installation. 
         Note: My Star Pick list does NOT include these distributions
  • Many distributions come with a live CD mode. In live mode the Linux operating system can be placed on portable media such as a USB thumb drive, or DVD without the need to actually install the operating system to your hard drive while you try it out. Once inside the Live Linux OS distribution the option is given in the form of a desktop icon, whether to install the OS to a hard drive or not.  
  • Should you decide you would like to try a Linux distribution on your computer to replace Windows XP I say go for it!  I cannot guarantee a perfect running Linux Distribution or even that you will enjoy the experience or a particular distribution but fortunately for us, Linux is free to try before you decide to install thanks to Live media mode. 
  • All Distros come in either 64-bit or 32-bit versions depending on your computer's architecture (many older XP laptops are 32-bit)
  • I have compiled a list of Linux Distributions I've enjoyed and recommend for out-of-the-box stability, speed, eye candy, appearance/themes, and overall ease of use.  I call these distros my Star Picks.
  • Note about stability:  In my experience some distributions are more stable running than others.  A distro I deem not as stable does not mean you will encounter the same bugs or errors I may have encountered and vice versa.
Eye Candy
Learning Curve/Ease of Use
Designates a personal favorite
  • Windows XP support and security updates have ended putting your computer at risk to cyber-attacks 
​Support for Windows XP may have ended but that doesn't mean use of your XP computer has to! 
​Kwin Effects
​Compiz effects
(32-bit only) 
​Kwin Effects


Manjaro XFCE
Manjaro Linux XFCE
Manjaro KDE Alternative Menu
 Manjaro Linux KDE App Menu and Plasma 5 desktop
Manjaro Linux KDE
Kubuntu with Plasma 5 desktop
Tux the Linux Penguin
Tux the Linux Mascot
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      Prefer USB thumb drive installation?

  • I highly recommend self download and placing of the selected distro(s) on a USB drive using a USB creation tool (RufusUSB InstallerUNetbootin).
  •  If you would like a distribution placed on a USB drive or need installation assistance, let me know if I can help.

​The views and information expressed on this website XP Options are that of the website designer and not affiliated with Microsoft Corporation and/or Linux distributions or developers.  Information found on this website is intended solely as a guide in helping a computer user with upgrade options for a computer running a previous installation of Windows XP. 
  • Like it or not Windows 10 is replacing Windows 7​ although you can probably still purchase a copy of Windows 7 online. 
  • Microsoft's website states that Windows 7 requires at least 1 gigabyte (GB) RAM (32-bit) or 2 GB RAM for 64-bit computers. However, in my experience I would not recommend running Windows 7 with less than 2GB of RAM for a useful desktop environment.
  • If you really want a version of Windows I  recommend purchasing a new computer/laptop which will come with Windows 10 pre-installed
Windows 7
Windows 10 
Recommended for desktop and/or (64-bit) computers with 2GB RAM and greater and newer graphics card
Recommended for both older and newer computers

​Kwin Effects (Mint KDE only)
​Try a Linux Distribution and make a bootable or live DVD
(Windows-like themes​ included)
New release!
Star release distro - Recommended favorite definitely worth a look with Windows users in mind
Revive that old computer!
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